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4th Sunday in Lent – Year A. 25th March 2017. Psalter - Week 3. Welcome.

There are two churches in our parish: Sacred Heart, Howden, and St. Joseph and St. Thomas, Goole. Please click on the links above to find out about each one.

Parish Priest: Father Nigel Barr, 1 Buttfield Road, Howden, DN14 7DW. Tel: 01430 430245


SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENTS Today is Laetare Sunday, and also Mothering Sunday ("Mothers' Day"). We give thanks for our mothers, whether living or departed this life, and pray for them.

There will be a Second Collection today for Catholic Care. Next weekend there will be a special collection for victims of the famine in East Africa.

Sat Mar 25th 4.45 pm St. Joseph's Stations of the Cross  
Sat Mar 25th 5.30 pm St. Joseph's Vigil Mass People of the Parish
Sun Mar 26th 9.30 am Sacred Heart Mass (Cake Sale after Mass with tea and coffee served) November Dead List: RIP. All departed who were born or married into the Earnshaw & Littlewood families
Sun Mar 26th 11.00 am St. Joseph's Mass November Dead List, RIP. Harry Cross, Peter Smith, Margaret Smith, Thomas Gibbons, Margaret Gibbons, Margaret Norris, Robert Gibbons
Mon Mar 27th        
Tues Mar 28th 10.00 am Sacred Heart Mass November Dead List: RIP. Irene Cowling (died 26th March 2011)
Wed Mar 29th 11.00 am St. Joseph's Requiem Mass RIP. Sheila Fielder (LD)
Thurs Mar23rd 10.00 am Sacred Heart Mass RIP. Catherine Boardman (Anniv. 16th March)
Thurs Mar30th 10.30-10.50 am Sacred Heart Confessions  
Thurs Mar30th 6.30 pm Sacred Heart Stations of the Cross  
Fri Mar 31st 10.00 am St. Joseph's Mass All living and deceased members and benefactors of The Yorkshire Brethren Society
Fri Mar 31st 10.30 to 10.50am St. Joseph's Confessions  
Sat April 1st 4.45pm St. Joseph's Stations of the Cross  
Sat April 1st 5.30pm St. Joseph's Vigil Mass People of the Parish
Sat April 1st 8.00pm St. Joseph's Polish Mass  
Sun April 2nd 9.30 am Sacred Heart Mass November Dead List, RIP. Maureen R Hall, John D Hall, Brigid Hall, Richard Barry, Marjorie Barry, Sam Carter, Hall family, Kenny family
Sun April 2nd 11.00 am St. Joseph's Mass November Dead List, RIP. Charles Scott, Hannah Mary Scott, Douglas Scott, David Kako, Alfred Hollingworth, Joyce Freda Hollingworth, Maria Theresa Byrne, M & Mrs Thomas Gibbons, Mr & Mrs George Scott

EATER FLOWERS: Donations for Easter Flowers for St. Joseph's and Sacred Heart Churches will be most gratefully accepted. Many thanks.

POLISH MASS will be offered on the first Saturday of each month at Goole. The next Polish Mass will be this Saturday 1st April 2017 at 8pm

Kolejna polska Msza będzie w najbliższᶏ Sobota 01 kwietnia 2017.

(Fr Wlodimierz Pajak, 117 Buckingham Street, Scunthorpe. Tel: 01724 855698)

These have been located online and copies will be available in church from now on.

POLSKI ARKUSZE MASS. Te zostały zlokalizowane online i kopie dostępne będą w kościele od teraz.