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18th Sunday of Ordinary Time- Yr B
Sunday 5th August 2018

Parish Priest: Father Nigel Barr, 1 Buttfield Road, Howden, DN14 7DW. Tel: 01430 430245

There are two churches in our parish: Sacred Heart, Howden, and St. Joseph and St. Thomas, Goole. Please click on the links above to find out about each one.

Special Announcements

For those of you going away on holiday, happy holidays, safe travels and safe return.

Please note that the website will not be updated for the next two weeks because of holidays. Mass times will probably remain the same as usual, but please ring the presbytery to make sure. Aileen.

Sat 4thAugust 5.30 pm St. Joseph's Vigil Mass RIP Fr Thomas Ryan (YBS) (Middlesbrough)
Sun 5thAugust 9.30 am Sacred Heart Mass The Kako family in the UK & overseas
Sun 5thAugust 11.00 am St. Joseph's Mass People of the Parish
Sun 5thAugust 1.30 pm St. Joseph's Baptism ALBIE GEORGE BUTLER
Mon 6thAugust 8.00am Sacred Heart Mass In Thanksgiving
Tues 7thAugust 10.00 am Sacred Heart Mass RIP Honor Buxton (LD)
Tues 7thAugust 1.30 pm Haltemprice Crematorium, Willerby Funeral Service RIP Michael Paul Donoghue (LD)
Wed 8th August 10..00 am St Joseph's Mass RIP Eric Buxton, A & A Buxton ( Anniversary 10th August)
Thurs 9 thAugust 10.00 am Sacred Heart Mass RIP O’Malley & Donnelly families (YBS)
Thurs 9 thAugust 10.30-10.50am Sacred Heart Confessions  
Fri 10th August 10.00am St Joseph's Mass RIP Alicja & Derek Cowell
Fri 10th August 10.30-10.50am St Joseph's Confessions  
Sat 11th August 5.30 pm St. Joseph's Mass People of the Parish
Sun 12th August 9.30 am Sacred Heart Mass RIP Ellen Scarcliffe (100th birthday remembrance)
Sun 12th August 11.00 am St. Joseph's Mass Private Intention (EG)
Sun 12th August 1.30 pm Sacred Heart Baptism SHAY MICHAEL O’CONNOR
Sun 12th August 1.30 pm Sacred Heart Baptism ALEKSANDRA RENIA CUTTER WALCZAK

Polish Mass

POLISH MASS is offered on the first Saturday of each month at Goole. The next Polish Mass will this Saturday 4th August 2018 at 8pm.

MASA POLSKA jest oferowana w pierwszą sobotę każdego miesiąca w Goole. Następna polska msza odbędzie się w sobotę 2 czerwca  2018 o 20.00.

(Fr Wlodimierz Pajak, 117 Buckingham Street, Scunthorpe. Tel: 01724 855698)