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15th Sunday of the Year - Year A

Sunday 12th July 2020

Parish Priest:Father Nigel Barr, 1 Buttfield Road, Howden, DN14 7DW. Tel: 01430 430245

There are two churches in our parish: Sacred Heart, Howden, and St. Joseph and St. Thomas, Goole. Please click on the links above to find out about each one.


Welcome back…it’s been too long a time.
After sixteen weeks many of our churches are now open for public worship and prayer. Welcome to the Mass. As we have the minimum of steward hygienists for all the Mass times this weekend, the 5.30pm Vigil Mass on Saturday, andthe 9.30am and 11.00am Masses on Sunday can be offered. In compliance with Government measures, 30 people may attend each Mass (ideally, pre-registered), and your test and trace details should be left with us at church.

See the re-opening of our churches for public worship on our Covid-19 page. There is also a link to the Diocese of Leeds questions and answers about procedures as lockdown is eased.

Sat 11th July 5.30pm St Joseph's Vigil Mass COVID19 Corona Virus sufferers, all frontline NHS workers and assistants in hospitals and care homes, those suffering hardships of isolation
Sun 12th July 9.30am Sacred Heart Mass People of the parish
Sun 12th July 11.00am St Joseph's Mass People of the parish
Mon 13th July 8.45am Sacred Heart Mass Private intention (HS & EO)
Tues 14th July 10.00am Sacred Heart Mass RIP Appleby family
Wed 15th July 10.00am St Joseph's Mass RIP Alice Sonley (5th anniversary on 3rd July)
Thurs 16th July 10.00am Sacred Heart Mass Intentions of Our School Leavers
Fri 17th July 10.00am St Joseph's Mass Intentions of Rev Henry Longbottom (ordination to the priesthood today at St Anne’s Cathedral, Leeds)
Sat 18th July Feast of the Dedication of the Cathedral in the Diocese 8.45 Sacred Heart Mass Private Intention (JAL)
Sun 19th July 9.30am Sacred Heart Mass Intentions of Franciscan Missionary Sisters of St Joseph
Sun 19th July 11.00am St Joseph's Mass RIP Francesca Maleckys (5th anniversary)

Sacred Heart Church has enough volunteers to open the church for private prayer at the following times:
Tuesdays 6-7 & Saturday 3-4. Maximum 7 people and unfortunately no toilet facilities for now.

You might like to visit The Diocesan Website to see if new information is available over the next few weeks.

Father Nigel suggested we start a WhatsApp group for the whole parish so we can keep in contact with one another. Barbara has kindly agreed to set this up. She is contacting everyone she can. If you have not been invited and you don't know her number please let me know by emailing me(Aileen) and I will forward your mobile number to her. (I do not like to advertise her number on the web, and the email address I am giving you is not my family/friends one).