Welcome to our Parish

There are two churches in our parish.

St Joseph's, Goole and Sacred Heart, Howden

Father Nigel Barr lives at 1 Buttfield Road, Howden, DN14 7DW. Tel 01430 430245

St Joseph's
Pasture Road
Goole, DN14 6DP

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Sacred Heart
Buttfield Road,
Howden, DN14 7DW

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Seventh Sunday of Easter    Year B

Sunday 16th   May 2021


Thank you to those who stayed behind last Sunday after Mass to spring clean Sacred Heart Church. Your help and hard work are appreciated. World Communications Day. Second Collection today for CATHOLIC COMMUNICATIONS. Giving envelopes have been incorrectly dated, so please bring them next week.

Please book for all services by phoning Father Nigel on 01430 430245. He is the one who is keeping the register for both churches.

This week's services. Contents updated every Saturday afternoon.
  Sat 15th May 5.30pm St Joseph's Vigil Mass  RIP Kathleen & Ron Coolledge, and Stephen & Michael Coolledge  
  Sun 16th May  9.30am Sacred Heart Mass RIP Henry Smithson (anniv. on 15th May) 
  Sun 16th May  11.00am St Joseph's Mass People of the parish
  Mon 17th May 8.30am Sacred Heart Mass  All living and deceased Members and Benefactors of The Yorkshire Brethren Society
  Tue 18th May 10.00am Sacred Heart Mass  RIP Oliver Lightowler (birthday remembrance)
  Wed 19th May 10.00am St Joseph's Mass RIP Elidio Fernandes (LD) 
  Wed 19th May 11.00am St Joseph's School Outdoor May Devotion
  Thur 20th May 10.00am Sacred Heart Mass  RIP Fr David M Smith (26th anniv.)
  Fri 21st  May 10.00am St Joseph's Mass  RIP Fr Michael Sullivan (1st anniv.)
  Sat 22nd  May 8.30am  NO MORNING MASS
     Sacrament of Reconciliation (Confessions)  available on request
   Sat 22nd May  2.30pm St Joseph's Firsr Holy Comunion Mass  Children's Intentions
   Sat 22nd May  5.30pm St Joseph's Vigil Mass  RIP Fr Canice McGinn (2nd anniv.)
  Sun 23rd May  9.30am Sacred Heart Mass  RIP Ellen Scarcliffe & Kathleen Jackson (anniversaries)
  Sun 23rd May   11.00am St Joseph's Mass  People of the parish
  Sun 23rd May   12.00 noon St Joseph's Baptism   JAKUB CHODKOWSKI