Welcome to our Parish

There are two churches in our parish.

St Joseph's, Goole and Sacred Heart, Howden

Father Nigel Barr lives at 1 Buttfield Road, Howden, DN14 7DW. Tel 01430 430245
Mrs Helen Cooke, Headteacher, St Joseph’s Catholic Primary Academy, Goole, Tel: 01405 762607 

St Joseph's
Pasture Road
Goole, DN14 6DP

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Sacred Heart
Buttfield Road,
Howden, DN14 7DW

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Sunday 28th November 2021



This week's services. Contents updated every Saturday afternoon.
Sat 27th Nov 4.30pm - 5.00pm St Joseph's Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament 
Sat 27th  Nov 5.30pm St Joseph's Vigil Mass  RIP Marek Golebiowski (LD)
Sun 28th Nov 9.30am Sacred Heart Mass  People of the parish
Sun 28th  Nov  11.00am St Joseph's Mass NOV. DEAD LIST 2021: RIP Mrs Hannah Mary Scott (24th anniv. on 29th November)
Mon 29th Nov 8.00am Sacred Heart Mass Private intention (DS)
Tues 30th Nov 9.15am-9.45am Sacred Heart  Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament 
Tues 30th Nov 10.00am Sacred Heart Mass  Ruby Jubilee) Intentions of Mgr Michael McQuinn
Tues 30th Nov 6.15pm  Sacred Heart  FIRST SACRAMENT OF RECONCILIATION
Wed 1st Dec No Exposition at St Joseph's today 
Wed 1st Dec 9.00am   Advent Liturgy at St Joseph's School 
Wed 1st Dec 10.00am St Joseph's Mass (Ruby Jubilee) Intentions of Very Reverend Provost John Aveyard 
Thurs 2nd Dec 10.00am  Sacred Heart Mass  NOV. DEAD LIST 2021: RIP Richard Barry
Thurs 2nd    Dec 10.30am-10.50am Sacred Heart  Confessions
Thurs 2nd    Dec 6.15pm  St Joseph's Church  FIRST SACRAMENT OF RECONCILIATION 
Fri 3rd   Dec 9.15am-9.45am St Joseph's   Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament 
Fri 3rd Nov 9.15am St Joseph's  Mass  NOV. DEAD LIST 2021: RIP George Oldridge
Fri 3rd Dec 10.30am-10.50am St Joseph's  Sacrament of Reconciliation (Confessions) 
Sat 4th  Dec 8.00am  Sacred Heart  Mass  RIP Fr Michael Powell (7th anniv.) 
Sat 4th Dec  4.30pm-5.00pm St Joseph's  Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament  
Sat 4th Dec 5.30pm St Joseph's Vigil Mass  RIP Christine Mary Carroll (17th anniv.)
Sun 5th Dec 9.30am Sacred Heart Mass  NOV. DEAD LIST 2021: RIP Elsie & Stan Wilson, Fran & Charles Jennings and all our dear departed friends and family.
Sun 5th  Dec 11.00am St Joseph's Mass  People of the parish