Welcome to our Parish

There are two churches in our parish.

St Joseph's, Goole and Sacred Heart, Howden

Father Nigel Barr lives at 1 Buttfield Road, Howden, DN14 7DW. Tel 01430 430245

St Joseph's
Pasture Road
Goole, DN14 6DP

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Sacred Heart
Buttfield Road,
Howden, DN14 7DW

2nd Sunday of Easter or of Divine Mercy/Year B

Sunday 11th   April 2021


There are plenty of Divine Mercy cards and leaflets for you to take away, and for you to use for your prayers and devotions. Many thanks for your Easter offerings and cards. They are greatly appreciated.

Please book for all services by phoning Father Nigel on 01430 430245. He is the one who is keeping the register for both churches.

This week's services. Contents updated every Saturday afternoon.
Sat 10th April 5.30pm St Joseph's Vigil Mass  RIP Michael O’Connor (anniv. 3rd April) 
Sun 11th April 9.30am Sacred Heart Mass People of the Parish 
Sun 11th April 11.00am St Joseph's Mass All living & deceased Members and Benefactors of The Yorkshire Brethren Society 
Mon 12th April  8.30am Sacred Heart Mass  Holy Souls
Tue 13th April 10.00am Sacred Heart Mass RIP Canon Edward McSweeney (2nd anniv. on 10th April) 
Wed 14th April 10.30am St Joseph's Mass Eva Hill (5th anniversary) 
Thur 15th April 10.00am Sacred Heart Mass RIP Dezerah and Walter Michael (Micky) Sheary (Micky’s 2nd anniv.) 
Fri 16th  April 10.00am St Joseph's Mass RIP Mary Staniforth (1st anniv.) 
Sat 17th April 8.30pm  Sacred Heart Mass Holy Souls 
Sat 17th April 5.30pm St Joseph's Vigil Mass RIP Helena Gardiner 
Sat 17th April 6.15pm St Joseph's Baptism  LUKAS RAJEVSKIS 
Sun 18th April 9.30am Sacred Heart Mass RIP Stuart Whitehead (2nd anniv. on 13th April) 
Sun 18th  April 11.00am St Joseph's Mass People of the parish 
Sun 18th  April 11.00am St Joseph's Baptism  WIKTORIA ANNA MAKOWSKA