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There are two churches in our parish.

St Joseph's, Goole and Sacred Heart, Howden

Father Nigel Barr lives at 1 Buttfield Road, Howden, DN14 7DW. Tel 01430 430245
Mrs Helen Cooke, Headteacher, St Joseph’s Catholic Primary Academy, Goole, Tel: 01405 762607  

St Joseph's
Pasture Road
Goole, DN14 6DP

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Sacred Heart
Buttfield Road,
Howden, DN14 7DW

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Sunday 28th   November 2021



Second Collection today for the Peru Mission Fund. This collection goes to maintain our priests, sisters and their projects among some of the world’s poorest people in the shanty towns of Lima and Northern Peru. This collection is Gift Aidable.



Please pray for them.
Damian Ainscough, Anna Barszc, Christopher Brown, Jean de Bosch, Patience Dare, Carol Dent, Anne Hayward, Dorothy Kershaw, Anthony Margrave, Alma McHugh, Bernard Rook, Ken Rumney, Timmy Ryan, Kevin and Catherine Thornton and all those who are ill and would like to remain anonymous.



The letter of St James, Chapter 5, verse 14: “Is any among you sick? Let him call for the elders of the church, and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord.”
If you or anyone you know is ill, either in hospital or at home, and would like to receive the Church’s ministry in anointing and Holy Communion, please let Fr Nigel know and he will come and visit you/your family and friends

He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.


St Joseph’s has a large number of children, 60 approximately waiting to prepare for First Reconciliation, First Holy Communion and Confirmation. The children have a number of well-planned resources to help them and their families to prepare for these Sacraments. However, we need more volunteers to help us welcome and organise the groups and encourage them during the sessions. The sessions are about 90 minutes including setting up and tidying away. Lots of support will be on offer to you from myself. If you would consider joining the rota so that we had volunteers available for a minimum 2 sessions in each of the programmes it would ease the burden on the existing small group of catechists. More details from Catherine Murphy at cmw1955@btinternet.com. 


On Sunday 31st October, the monthly Cupertino Group Mass for children with learning difficulties and disabilities and the families, celebrated by Rev Fr Frank Smith, will Take place at St Joseph’s, Wetherby at 3.00pm.
The following dates have been confirmed for 2021-2022:
29th November 2021 2nd Jan 2022 30th Jan 2022
27th Feb 2022 27th March 2022 24th April 2022
22nd May 2022 26th June 2022 17th July 2022


VOLUNTEERS NEEDED St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School, Goole is in need of 2 Foundation Governors to serve on the council which oversees the work of the school. The term of office is for 4 years. The commitment is approximately 2 hours of your time every 2 months. Currently we are meeting via video link but hope to be back in school soon. We also ask that you make a personal visit to school to observe some aspect of school life possibly 3 times a year if you can. More details are available from myself or from cthomas@bkcat.co.uk  


Many thanks to all those who cleaned Sacred Heart church after Mass last Sunday and made it look and smell so nice. Your help is greatly appreciated.

The third of our parish’s First Sacrament of Reconciliation services and confessions will be on Friday 10th December at 6.15pm at St Joseph’s Church. The first and second of these services are this Tuesday and Thursday, as indicated on the Service/Event Timetable on the front of the bulletin.

The singers at St Joseph’s have decided to reconvene after a lengthy break/ Practices will resume on Wednesday mornings at 10.30am after Mass. Little by little, sung parts pf the Mass will be reintroduced at Sunday Mass. Do come along and support your parish music ministry - all are welcome. Further information from Ann Wottge. Tel: 01757 630755 


If you would like to join the list of readers for weekend or weekday Masses at St Joseph’s that would also be a valuable contribution to the Liturgy and to the parish community. Please contact Pauline Sykes Tel: 01405 839337



Those of   you who wish to give offerings to the parish by Standing Order (if you are not already doing) will need these details: HSBC: 40-27-15 ACCOUNT NO. 31017373 ACCOUNT NAME: DIOCESE OF LEEDS  


Sincere thanks for the very generous donations received for our Refurbishment Fund in the last month. These donations were anonymous so personal thanks were not possible.
It was a wonderful boost, however to receive all of them so thank you all again.
Unfortunately all our fund-raising activities have put on hold because of the pandemic but our beautiful and historic church is still in need of much maintenance.



OCC is a project run by Samaritan’s Purse whose mission is to follow the example set by The Good Samaritan in providing a gift of a decorated shoebox made up of items such as toiletries, educational equipment, toys, to a child or teenager who has found themselves in situations such as war, famine, as a refugee, and who won’t be receiving a gift this Christmas. 

As for last year we won’t be making up physical boxes but you can still support OCC, should you wish to do so, by: Creating a shoebox online at https://www.samaritans-purse.org.uk/ Or making a donation online at https://www.samaritans-purse.org.uk/ Or adding your donation to the decorated shoebox at the church entrance by Sunday 28.11.21 

 Please do not leave any shoeboxes (empty or full) or any items for shoeboxes.

 For further information about OCC please contact me (Mary Leighton) using the WhatsApp Group or emailing me at mgillespie1608@yahoo.co.uk or going on the Samaritan’s Purse website at: Operation Christmas Child (samaritans-purse.org.uk) Thank you and God Bless.


CHURCH CLEANING As we approach Advent the Sacred Heart Church are having a church clean on Sunday November 21 after mass. There is something for everyone to help with; including, wiping down benches, sills, statues, dusting lights and pillars, glass cleaning, vacuuming and mopping. Lots of jobs can be done sitting down too! Please bring your own cleaning equipment (bucket, cleaning agent, dusters). Everyone is welcome and the last clean took us just 30 minutes with 14 volunteers. Please let Barbara, Catherine M or Andrea know if you are able to help. 

PARISH TO MISSION Bishop Marcus has asked us to look and answer ten questions in order to prepare for the 2023 Synod. If you were unable to attend the parish meeting on the 16th November you still have an opportunity to have a say. Everyone’s input is important. Available at both churches in our parish this weekend is a list of the questions, with an email address to which you can send them. (Justin Lancaster: email ulvaer@outlook.com .) If you are unable to email the answers, please give the sheet to someone at church who can do it for you, or who can pass the sheet on. Also, you may wish to give the questionnaire to someone else in your family, or to someone who can’t get to church. For those of you with internet access the questionnaire can be filled in online https://www.dioceseofleeds.org.uk/parish-to-mission/online-survey/ Remember, we are advised to pray for guidance before filling in the sheet. This is not an occasion for airing our ingrained personal views and preferences: it is an opportunity to listen to the Spirit, who will guide us to answer with wisdom and love. Bishop Marcus will submit a summary document to the Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales some time before Christmas, and the input from the worldwide church will be used by Pope Francis in order to inform the Synod in 2023.  



We have some wonderful news for you. Our target of £25,000 has been reached. Now £25,152.90) It is all thanks to your generous support by way of your donations of money, giving time to bake on coffee mornings, buying the Roof’us slates, doing the weekly Numbers Up game buying tickets for and donating prizes to the raffles. Special thanks to the fund-raising team for all their hard work, effort and enthusiasm.
We still, of course, need you to continue in this way, as in addition to what we previously intended doing, we have had to add extensive floor repairs, stone work and stain glass window refurbishment, full decorating throughout, improving disabled access, the WC and new kitchen facilities, new heating system… Yes, it does seem like an endless task, but it is a very worthwhil e cause and our duty to restore and maintain such a beautiful church building for future generations to come.
We also have to prove to the grant awarding bodies, as well as to the Diocese, that we are active parishioners and care enough to raise our share of the upkeep costs.
If anyone wishes to make a cheque donation towards our refurbishment please make it payable to: The Sacred Heart Refurbishment Fund. Thank you.