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15th Sunday in Ordinary Time– Year A Sunday 16th July 2017

A very big thank you to the anonymous donors to our Building Fund who read about our situation in the Yorkshire Post. We are very very grateful.

SACRED HEART BUILDING FUND. The Yorkshire Post has written an article about our church. Click HEREto read it. There is picture of Kath, Susannah and IanHEREThank you to the Yorkshire Post for permission to use the article.

Here are the ARCHIVED NEWSLETTERS. and here are thePARISH ROTAS N.B. St. Joseph's Readers List is now available online on the Parish Rotas page.


Please pray for them.
Damian Ainscough, Anna Barszcz, Margaret Brodigan, Jean de Bosch, Patience Dare, Carol Dent, Kathleen Evans, Anne Evans, Anne Haywood, Dorothy Kershaw, June Kelly, Anthony Margrave, Joan Marshall, Alma McHugh, Bernard Rook, Michael Ryan, Timmy Ryan, Margaret Scott, Pat Sullivan, Lynne Walker and all those who are ill and would like to remain anonymous.

RED MISSIO (APF MISSION) BOXES. These can be presented for emptying and counting at any time throughout the year. Please fill in the forms, available in both churches, and bring/collect the red boxes to/from the sacristies. If you have n2ot had one of these collecting boxes before why not consider having one in your home. ADDITIONAL REQUEST. As the old £1 coin is to be withdrawn, please bring in boxes to be emptied as soon as possible. Thank you.MASS INTENTIONS. Please try to submit intentions at least eight weeks in advance of the date on which you would like the Mass to be offered. Also, please state at which church you would like the Mass to be offered, if you have a preference. Thank you. £119.11 thus far banked on the 5th June 2017.


COFFEE MORNING AND SALE on Friday 14th July at 10.30am at St Joseph’s. We welcome any donations of bric-a-brac, books, jigsaws etc. and items of baking for the cake stall.


Your parish fund raising total now stands at £23,009.86 so thank you for all your efforts so far in our attempts at reaching the Parish goal of £25,000. Please keep up the good work – together we will do it!

If anyone wishes to make a cheque donation towards our refurbishment please make it payable to: The Sacred Heart Refurbishment Fund. Thank you.

Howden Churches collect £1000 for the residents of Grenfell Tower.
The Christian Churches in Howden, Anglican, Catholic and Methodist, thank the residents of Howden for their generous gifts towards the appeal on behalf of the residents of Grenfell Tower.
Thank you to all who collected on Saturday and all the shops which had collecting boxes during the week.
The street collection, collection in shops and in Churches, raised £1000. This sum was sent to the Methodist Church London Appeal for Grenfell Tower. This ensures that the money donated by our residents goes directly to the people made homeless and who have lost their belongings.
Howden Church Ministers: Fr Barr, Revds. Little, Pegg, Thornally, Bahadur.

MANY THANKS to Mike, Martin and Jack, and Dave who are Band “The Bud, The Dad and The Cuddly,” with Dangerous Dave. They gave us a wonderful concert of a variety of music and song and humour. What an enjoyable evening it was.
You will be pleased to know that £362.00 towards the “Roofˊus Appeal” was raised, comprising
Door £136.00   Raffle £113.00   ‘Slates’ sold   £25.00       Tickets sold prior to the event £88.00       TOTAL £362.00

Many thanks to the Refurbishment Appeal team members for all your hard work, and a big thank you to management, staff and committee members of Howden Working Men’s Club for use of their excellent venue.


The Sower and the Seed
At certain times everything seems to conspire to prevent us from hearing the gospel and believing in its future. For two thousand years the sower has gone out to sow and we are sometimes tempted to ask what this sowing has accomplished. Our proper response to the prodigal lavishness of God should consist in seizing the word heard and allowing it to seize us that it may bear fruit.