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24th Sunday in Ordinary Time– Year A Sunday 17th September 2017

A very big thank you to the anonymous donors to our Building Fund who read about our situation in the Yorkshire Post. We are very very grateful.

SACRED HEART BUILDING FUND. The Yorkshire Post has written an article about our church. Click HEREto read it. There is picture of Kath, Susannah and IanHEREThank you to the Yorkshire Post for permission to use the article.

Here are the ARCHIVED NEWSLETTERS. and here are thePARISH ROTAS N.B. St. Joseph's Readers List is now available online on the Parish Rotas page.


Please pray for them.
Damian Ainscough, Anna Barszcz, Margaret Brodigan, Terence Brown, Jean de Bosch, Patience Dare, Carol Dent, Kathleen Evans, Anne Evans, Anne Haywood, Dorothy Kershaw, June Kelly, Anthony Margrave, Joan Marshall, Alma McHugh, Bernard Rook, Michael Ryan, Timmy Ryan, Margaret Scott, Pat Sullivan, Kevin and Catherine Thornton, Lynne Walker and all those who are ill and would like to remain anonymous.

Congratulations toAIDAN KELLY BOTTOM baptised at Sacred Heart last week (3rd September)

Fun Bingo and Quiz Night
Proceeds to the refurbishment fund at the Sacred Heart Church. Saturday 23rd September – Doors open at 7.00pm Eyes down prompt for bingo with prizes at 7.30pm, followed by the Quiz. At the Working Men’s Club, 36 Bridgegate, Howden. Come along for what promises to be a very enjoyable evening.

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Holy Communion for the sick and housebound
The letter of St James, Chapter 5, verse 14: “Is any among you sick? Let him call for the elders of the church, and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord.”
If you or anyone you know is ill, either in hospital or at home, and would like to receive the Church’s ministry in anointing and Holy Communion, please let Fr Nigel know and he will come and visit you/your family and friends

FIRST CONFESSION, FIRST COMMUNION AND CONFIRMATION. If your child is in Yr 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8, please pick up a letter from the back of both churches explaining the new preparation arrangements. N.B. Confirmation will no longer be celebrated in Year 9. If your child is in Yr 9 or above and wishes to be confirmed, please speak to Fr Nigel about arranging preparation.


Your parish fund raising total now stands at £23,595.56, so thank you for all your efforts in our attempts at reaching the Parish goal of £25,000. Please keep up the good work. A really enjoyable way to raise money is to attend the FUN BINGO AND QUIZ this Saturday.

If anyone wishes to make a cheque donation towards our refurbishment please make it payable to: The Sacred Heart Refurbishment Fund. Thank you.

Hi everyone, we are holding a MacMillan Coffee Morning at my work on THURSDAY 28TH SEPTEMBER from 10am – 12 midday. All are very welcome. The location is Sowerby FRS, Chartered Accountants, 50-52 Aire Street, Goole, DN14 5QE
If anyone can make it, we’ll see you there. Many thanks, Andrea Standring.

Friday 29th Sept. at 7pm. Beverley Male Voice Choir at St. John’s Church, Goole.

HOWDEN ROTARY CHARITY FAMILY BIKE RIDE. Sunday 24th September. All welcome. Also, RECYCLE YOUR OLD BIKE. Saturday 23rd September. See notice at back of both churches.

The Parish Coordinator for the Apostleship of the Sea has written to thank us for our generosity, both financially and in our prayers. Many parishes wish to help further, and as well as knitted hats, scarves and mittens, donations of rosary beads, medals and prayer cards are always most appreciated. Knowing that a stranger is thinking and praying for them gives seafarers great solace. The seafarers also keep us in their prayers.

Hard to believe, but many people in our area are hungry. Trinity Mission in Goole collect food products to make up food parcels and also provide a cooked meal every Friday evening at the Mission in Clifton Gardens, Goole. The very good people who volunteer to do this require donations of food on a regular basis. (You may have seen the collecting boxes in the supermarkets in Goole). A collection box is situated at the back of the church for your donations of tinned foods, tea, coffee, biscuits, snack goods etc. In fact, just about anything not immediately perishable. I will take the collected items to Trinity Mission on behalf of our Catholic community here in Howden. Thank you for your aniticipated support. John Hall. At Sacred Heart there are two boxes at the back of the Church. One is for food items (in cans and packets only please) for the food bank at Trinity Methodist Church, Goole (which is in urgent need of constant replenishing). The other box is for woolly hats for the apostleship of the sea to give to those who work at sea. Many thanks to parishioners in Goole who very kindly knitted the most recent donations. Patterns for hats are available at the back of the church.

Often when we hear the word ‘Mission’ it is associated with the valuable work of sharing our faith and helping people in other countries. Whilst this is still important, we also need to help the faithful to share their faith with those they love, know and meet – right here on home turf.
If home is where the heart is, the best place to start is with the people they carry in their hearts. The focus of the Home Mission Office this year will therefore be threefold:

  1. To enable the faithful to pray that the Holy Spirit will inspire their loved ones to turn towards Jesus.
  2. To inspire communities to consider their approach to those seeking Christ by developing an attitude of welcome, acceptance and love.
  3. To provide support and training for those engaged in Evangelisation.

By donating to the Second Collection you will enable the Home Mission Office to produce resources, help parishes and equip people to share their faith with others.