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28th Sunday of Ordinary Time- Yr B
Sunday 14rd Octber 2018

A very big thank you to the anonymous donors to our Building Fund who read about our situation in the Yorkshire Post. We are very very grateful.

SACRED HEART BUILDING FUND. The Yorkshire Post has written an article about our church. Click HEREto read it. There is picture of Kath, Susannah and IanHEREThank you to the Yorkshire Post for permission to use the article.


Tour de Yorkshire photos are HERE.

Please pray for them.
Damian Ainscough, Anna Barszcz, Margaret Brodigan, Christopher Brown, Jean de Bosch, Patience Dare, Carol Dent, Kathleen Evans, Anne Evans, Anne Haywood, Dorothy Kershaw, Anthony Margrave, Alma McHugh, Bernard Rook, Ken Rumney, Michael Ryan, Timmy Ryan, Margaret Scott, Pat Sullivan, Kevin and Catherine Thornton and all those who are ill and would like to remain anonymous.

Holy Communion for the sick and housebound
The letter of St James, Chapter 5, verse 14: “Is any among you sick? Let him call for the elders of the church, and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord.”
If you or anyone you know is ill, either in hospital or at home, and would like to receive the Church’s ministry in anointing and Holy Communion, please let Fr Nigel know and he will come and visit you/your family and friends

At Sacred Heart there are two boxes at the back of the Church. One is for food items (in cans and packets only please) for the food bank at Trinity Methodist Church, Goole (which is in urgent need of constant replenishing). The other box is for woolly hats for the apostleship of the sea to give to those who work at sea. Many thanks to parishioners in Goole who very kindly knitted the most recent donations. Patterns for hats are available at the back of the church.

Please bring in your Mission Boxes to be emptied. Thank you. Eileen.

CLEANING TEAM A for Howden this week.



Creator God, in love you give life.

In your generosity you create the gifts of the earth.

As daughters and sons of the same Father, may we learn to share the plentiful fruits of creation, especially with those most in need.

Give us open hands and loving hearts, so that we take less and give more.

We ask that all may benefit from your goodness, and share in the fullness of life that you have promised.

We have some wonderful news for you. Our target of £25,000 has been reached. Now £25,152.90) It is all thanks to your generous support by way of your donations of money, giving time to bake on coffee mornings, buying the Roof’us slates, doing the weekly Numbers Up game buying tickets for and donating prizes to the raffles. Special thanks to the fund-raising team for all their hard work, effort and enthusiasm.
We still, of course, need you to continue in this way, as in addition to what we previously intended doing, we have had to add extensive floor repairs, stone work and stain glass window refurbishment, full decorating throughout, improving disabled access, the WC and new kitchen facilities, new heating system… Yes, it does seem like an endless task, but it is a very worthwhile cause and our duty to restore and maintain such a beautiful church building for future generations to come.
We also have to prove to the grant awarding bodies, as well as to the Diocese, that we are active parishioners and care enough to raise our share of the upkeep costs.

If anyone wishes to make a cheque donation towards our refurbishment please make it payable to: The Sacred Heart Refurbishment Fund. Thank you.

Arrangements are being made for the next 2-year cycle of preparation for these Sacraments.
The classes will be help at St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School, Kennedy Drive, Goole, on Wednesday evenings at 18.15 hrs. A parent or guardian must attend with the child. These dates will be available from October on the Parish website and the school website Any other queries to Catherine Murphy at

First Communion Preparation for 2019 at St. Joseph's Goole 
Classes recommence for the children already enrolled on Wednesday 17th October at 6.15 p.m. at St. Joseph's School. Please remember to bring your " I belong" book. Future classes are; 28 November, 19th December, 16 January, 13th February,24th April,8th May.
First communion Mass will be Sunday 18th May 2019. 

The First Communion Mass at Sacred Heart will be at 9.30am on Sunday 12th May.

The First Communion Mass at St Joseph’s will be at 11.00am on Sunday 19th May 2019.


SACRED HEART SUNDAY BAKING, coffee morning and cooking apples on 7th October raised a total of £71.80. Many thanks to all who contributed.

Would you like to provide a gift to a child who is less fortunate than our own this Christmas by making up a Christmas-themed wrapped good condition shoebox with items to play with, to help educate them and to wear?  OCC is a project run by Samaritan’s Purse whose mission is to follow the example set by The Good Samaritan.  The shoebox will be given to a child in a country where they have suffered from war, famine, natural disaster, and/or disease.  There are a variety of ways you can help:

  • Leave your filled shoebox on the table at the back of the Church by 11th November and it will be taken to a collection point on your behalf.
  • If you are unable to fill a box you can leave medium-sized good quality shoeboxes and/or gifts at the back of Church by 11th November. From these filled shoeboxes can be created.
  • If you haven’t the time or resources to fill a shoebox you go to the Samaritan’s Purse website where you can pack a shoebox in less than 5 minutes.  They will then send it for you. 
  • Or, if you prefer, you can make a financial donation online. 

For further information about OCC and what/not to pack in a shoebox please chat with Mary Leighton, member of the Children’s Liturgy Team, or look at the information at the back of the Church or go to the Samaritan’s Purse website at:
Thank you and God Bless.

Sacred Heart church would love more people to volunteer to count the money after Mass. The counters are on a rota basis, and it would be once a month, or less if there were lots of volunteers. Please contact Sylvia on sylvbayliss@btinternet.comif you can help. Thank you.

THE SOCIETY FOR THE PROTECTION OF UNBORN CHILDREN has produced postcards so that you can send a message to your MP urging him to vote against a dangerous abortion bill which is coming up in the House of Commons on Tuesday 23 October 2018.
The bill seeks to decriminalise abortion which would remove any effective legal protection for unborn babies and their mothers in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.
Postcards are available on table in/near the entrance of our churches.